Saturday, 28 May 2011

April Stat

Pilates: 4 hours (loving it)
Swim: 12.8k
Bike: 6 hours
Run: 8 hours 20

Its getting better ;)

Have entered Tauranga Half ironman which is great as it gives me focus and a goal when all i want to do is eat cake....
now i can eat cake and train yipeee!

Monday, 9 May 2011

fitting it in

I looked at my training plan for the week that always get on a sunday night. Sometimes i get twisted into a mess when i look at my diary and try and fit it all in- can i do a long bike the night after a long run, can i fit in the cinema on a wed, what morning will i need a sleep in....nightmare.
This week looks like this (and its only may!)
Monday swim am, run pm
Tuesday swim am, bike and run pm
Wed pm run
Thur swim am, pm bike
fri swim, pm run
sat swim and then windtrainer and core
sun run

erm day off?

So it ended up looking like this
mon rest day (i physically couldnt do anything with work commitments)
tue swim am, gym bike and run pm (before all important haircut)
wed rpm class am, pilates pm
thur swim am, run intervals pm
fri Rpm am, swim pm
sat cycle to work (and work all day) and then cycle home
sun long run

Any tips/ ideas about important sessions i should be doing over others? How do you lot cope with busy schedules?!!

p.s yes i think my coach is mad