Thursday, 4 October 2012

getting there

I havent written a post for ages! And asi look back over my training log i can see why- injury, colds, seized up backs, colds, colds, house moving, relationship blah.......

So I went and booked in to do Lake Wanaka Half Ironman.  I thought why not, it's not as though I have a full time job, full time study going on (doh) why not stick a half in there aswell. my theory is that I get to keep up the training, see friends and then decide later on if I want to do it. At least I have my spot.

Training has been a stop-start affair with an aggrevated ITB injury that i'm working on and then so many colds. I've finally booked a holiday to hot Sydney and I'll at least get some runs and some outdoor swims in as theres so many pools out there.

As the spring finally unfolds and the clocks have gone forward we can have some light late nights to get some work done and getting up in the morning is FINALLY getting easier!

My coach has been giving me some good workouts that aren't too scary and so the weeks have been looking like - 3 swims, still trying to do one RPM class (2 if I cant get outside- it still snows here in Queenstown in spring!), 2 runs (depending on the knee) and a long bike ride of 2-3 hours at the weekend. Its good and with an added 2 strength workouts too I'll see how i go....................

Monday, 28 May 2012


So i'm training up a storm for the Christchurch half Marathon. Everything is going swimmingly (well there were little niggles but being the same as most people i ignore them) and then boom! Painful as painful ITB. Stopped me running, mid run, which is something that doesnt happen.
I get niggles yeah but not ones that stop me running. :(

Two weeks on and its still painful and so no annoyed but not as annoyed as i usually get as i think i cant do anything about it, its not something my annoyance is going to change. I have to rest it, massage it with the golf ball (ohhhhh the most excrutiatingly painful thing in the unisverse- think hot needle poking) and massage...and that my friends is it.

My physio and i worked out that 5 years ago my lovely partner drove the car (accidently) over my foot. It didnt hurt i strapped it for while and left it...but through those 5 years the muscles and joints and bones have become tight and made me run funny causing at first shin splint-like pain and now ITB massage and rolling and stretching is the only thing i can do. And be patient.

Happily the swimming has come back and im back in the pool 4x a week! Short distances are the way to go as its not stressful and i get out when i get bored-- usually around the 1.5k mark.

So there it is,....hopefully the pain will subside and i can start running again.

Sorry Christchurch you are not mine to conquer!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

autumn/ winter

brrrr the leaves are a changing, its beautiful everywhere- golds, yellows, reds and browns are the colours of the day and its been so mild and sunny for about 4 weeks, lucky us!
This week tho it really feels like something's changing- ice on the windscreen, hats on for runs after work and once the sun goes down over the hill its a rush to get home and get warm! Which always makes for difficult training and motivation. I have started running in the morning which im finding strangely lovely- quiet, cold, dark and getting her done so i can forget about it for the rest of the day :)
Im flying to chirsitchurch in 4 weeks for the half marathon and so running has become my drug of choice and im loving it! Running is so free, so easy and so lovely around here that training has not felt like a hassle at all!
Roll on the race......

Thursday, 5 April 2012


I have been recently adding a long usually hilly run to my weekly schedule and its been lovely. Puffing and panting (with lots of walking) has been great and ive definately felt the effects at my intervals earlier in the week- ie not as much heavy breathing as my lungs are getting used to breathing hard!

There are so many trails in Queenstown and Wanaka that sometimes you forget and just do the same old same old.

If you ever get the chance to come here, here are a few. Give me a call and we can go together!

Miners trail:
Arrowtown. 15k's of up, up, up, flat, up , up , up then a nice down hill to finish :)

Fernhill loop/ one mile loop
Again up up up and then some zoooom down hill for the finish

Sawpit gully and New chums
Probably around 15-16k's of up, down, through beautiful (at the moment) golden trees with noone around

Twelve mile/ Sam Summers loop
Not sure how long but undulating twelve mile (that always makes me feel like im in OZ) with a nice steep uphill to Sam summers hut and big downhill to finish

Moke lake
6k's of peaceful lovelyness..some slight up some slight down finish with a dip in the lake

Lakes Hayes
8k nice loop for a quicky after work

Queenstown Hill
Lung burning uphills and go past the basket of dreams right to the real top fast downhill to finish with glorious views of all Queenstown :)

Jacks Point/ Kelvin Heights
undulating with amazing views of the bluey green lake (that you get that side of Queenstown) with a quick run down to the beach where you can often see deer

Happy running :)

Thursday, 15 March 2012


Its funny, when im not ill and laying around the house i try and cram in a blog post but when i am ill i cant be bothered so here goes anyway!

Day 3 in the bedroom of the sick and i cant look at the three wall anymore. With all the stress of the last couple of weeks this cold and cough hit me HARD and whammo i was down for 3 days of coughing cold and sneezing. Went for a short walk yesterday as the weather has been beautiful- warm, calm and perfect for riding. Shame im stuck in here. A 20 minute walk had me gasping for breath so back to bed it was......

Anyhoo with the thought of a boring afternoon ahead a friend of mine asked if i fancied entering the christchurch half marathon. The chance to do a distance i usually only do in half ironmans and really train for it so bang! there was my motivation. Next minute im booked in and have written a 10 week programme to get my teeth into. Still with a bit of swimming and biking in the mix (i have got a new mtn bike after all) and im fixed. A happy girl i am now if i could just shake this cold!

Friday, 24 February 2012

getting you up in the morning

I just read back into this time last year to see what i was up to, which is one good thing about these blog diaries...i was swimming and lots. Recently ive found it hard to 'get back into it'. I had a great race at tauranga and then at wanaka and then did that thing you Which turned into a month and now two months.
Ive been doing 'stuff' riding, running, swimming and have added two sessions of weight training in (which im loving) but its hard getting up each morning and thinking about what i want to do.

So a new goal is needed and ive got my thinking cap on.....

Saturday, 28 January 2012

scary list

I am still on the 'scary' case and have compiled a list of things scary to me...some small some bigger but all your own and see how many you can tick off this year...

* ride up coronet peak road- check
* do the challenge wanaka swim - check
* do the challenge wanaka bike-
* make lasagne from scratch-
* change careers- .......
* run a marathon in 3.59.59
* bungy
* enter ironman or distance
* complete said ironman or distance
* start training clients in the gym
* go to art class
* cut my hair short again
* do another half ironman- check
* ride up little's road, Queenstown-
* ride up Alpe D'uez
* Look after a small child for a whole day and night, on my own-
* ride up the crowne range there and back
Just some small (and not so small) things on the list that i will add to from time to time.....go on do the scary list :)