Monday, 24 January 2011


I was never into sports (apart from primary school) until i met my partner about 10 years ago...since then ive learnt to swim bike run (ski, swim with sharks but thats another story).

Having issues with my back until recently always got sorted when id been to the physio for a bit, rested it a bit and then got going again. Until now. It wasn't getting better and so I went to see the professionals and have had to learn how to swim bike run all over again, properly, slowly...

Im am the worst person at doing this. All my school reports were 'Jane needs to slow down' 'Jane needs to be patient' and so this has been the hardest thing in the world for me to do. slow down, start again and learn the whys and what fors. After a extremely frustrating week of no exercise i had the lovely words- yes you can exercise but slowly jane. And i will, i promise. Starting tonight. Here's to going back to school ;)

Monday, 17 January 2011


No im not talking the bottom type im talking the big stuff in the sky that moves stuff about....or keeps you still in my case.
Wanaka half bike was the windiest, gustiest true test ive ever done for myself on a bike ride but im glad i finished and 10 minutes quicker than last year!

I nearly pulled off the course as at one stage i was doing 13k's an hour into a massive headwind but i had a good chat with my self and carried on.

A big congrats to all who were in it and those who did the full 180k's, very brave! Next up maybe a little mountain biking!

Tuesday, 11 January 2011


After hearing about all the flooding in OZ :( im appreciating the amazing weather we've had here since the start of spring. We've had alot of heavy rain which has been good for the humidity but never have i had it so good throughout these seasons in 5 years of being here (5 years!).

Race i saturday and im excited for once! Have done my training, am awaiting how i should 'attack' the 90k's in the heat (im better if i understand the mechanics of what my body and bike should be doing), have my stuff nearly ready and we can go!

Here's to whatever you're doing this weekend, lets hope you get out of breath at least once! ;)

the most scenic beautifully amazing race to do in NZ (and the world)

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

hurtbox, hurtlocker, the box,cave

whichever one you like to call it, im in it and going to be in it for the next week. Describing the pain of training, sport, exercise this lovely little world has us all in it once in our lives. And mine is at the moment.
With a race coming up in the next two weeks this week has my lovely coach giving me more biking than ive ever had to do in one week. ever. full stop.

Im hurting in places i didnt know hurt and also very tired(and its only tuesday).

 I love my bike dont get me wrong, but its these times when you have to dig deep and uncover the parts of yourself you didn't know, mentally and physically.

Underneath though i like it, it makes me feel alive, healthy, fit and discovering parts of me at 30+ i didnt know i had.

a nice way to start the new year. Try it and find something you didnt know you had....