Thursday, 14 July 2011


I read a quote the other day that really stuck with me. I read so many blogs sometimes it makes my eyes water. I then try not to read any for a while (its good for my mental health) but then i always get drawn back in. Training for any sport has its ups and its downs and body image is one of them. Being surrounded by blogs (particularly professional ones), we are inundated with images of petite ladies with muscles abundant that it enough to make you put down your chelsea bun (not quite) and run for the lettuce.
Fuelling up for this sport is one of the most important disciplines and as we all love to eat, Im not stopping anytime soon.
I have been around dieting since i was little but i read this and it really stuck with me, my body is amazing, my legs are amazing they may not be the best to look at but they keep me going when my head is staying stop and when my lungs are on the floor my quads shout "just a little bit more".
This is for you legs ;)

"when a person stops focusing on how the body looks and starts truly appreciating what it can do, the potential is endless. Theres no magic pill, no secret diet, no miracle, just you and what you're capable of doing.
And that, is more than enough"
(thanks to Susan Lacke)

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

5k pb

another pb for me at same hilly course 25.16

Winter Blues

Its the same every year. I get all motivated before winter about what im going to do; set up windtrainer, get all stuff organised for swimming and the gym, get gym timetable blah blah and then the snow comes......I have a real fear of driving in the snow as a few years ago a friend and i came off the ski road and rolled down it (in the car). Since then ive had a fear of rolling and wont drive anywhere if theres a sprinkling  lot of snow on the ground. I get really annoyed when i cant get out on the bike for long rides (i havent got a mtn bike) and basically turn into a real whinging pom.
I emailed my coach and he basically (and intelligently) informed me that the rest of the country is in the same state, suck it up and just do what I can.
Wise words Coach.

So thats what i'll be doing, trying my best and getting out of it what i can. If any of you have any sessions that make the windtrainer more interesting bring em!! Or even better, come round for a session in the garage- this is the view!!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

swim time trials

Coach has me doing a time trial every now and again. Ive done two in feb, one in march and one in june:

warm up then:
800m timed
200m timed
100m timed.

Feb 11th         Feb 21st             March                 June
15.10              14.56                  15.50 (!?)           14.50 (woo!)
3.48                 3.42                     3.45                    3.47
1.52                 1.51                    1.51                     1.50

Feedback was:
On my calculation your current 1500 mts swim time in a wet suit race allowing for, currents , buoy turns , getting a draft or not, swim course can be either short / long or spot on 1500 mts I would be predicting a time of 28 minutes 15 secs.

For a 2 km Half Ironman sea swim in a wet suit my predicted time 36 mins 45 secs .

This Time Trial set is a non stop lactate - threshold test set and not as easy as it looks especially when you havent had a rest day or tapered for it.

 My belief is to do a TT set like this " under duress " first time up, then do a taper for it next time.

Keep up the good work and next time we will see times drop by a good 45 secs for 1500 and 60 secs for 2 km


Tuesday, 5 July 2011


I kinda like the brick session- im not sure why. Maybe because i can get two workouts done in one instead of "right what million things do i need to take out with me in the morning". Because its dark early and cold (and slightly icy) im doing this one from the garage and on the windtrainer. Theres a nice short sharp hill at the end of each run so makes for a nice little session.
Coachie has got me doing (incase you fancied it):
10min warm up on the bike
15m (bike) with hills (not steep but a nice gear)
off the bike onto the run 7m (with hills) Theres not too many places to run (except on the road) near my place so ive found if i run to the next street and along theres a nice hill at the end
Back to the bike for 90 sec rest and repeat x5.
10 min cool down on the bike.

Looks easy enough but apparently not so we'll see tonight!