Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Pilates (Pirates)

Ive been having one on one Pilates (or Pirates as my partner likes to call it) for about a month now. I'd recommend it to anyone who is having pelvic, lower back pain. My whole way of walking, sleeping, sitting, running, biking, swimming posture has changed and for the better! No more back pain AT ALL and im able to stand up for long periods of time comfortably.
The exercises are moving further into core strength than the physio poses i was doing and get my glutes firing finally (my right one wasnt at all thus the back pain and the 'catching').
Love it!

Friday, 1 April 2011

march totals

Just looked at my diary for the month of march:

swim: 27.3k
bike: 6 hrs !!!
run: 4 hrs !!!

might need to start running and biking then ha ha

To gym or not to gym......

Im thinking of joining the gym for the winter- to do some classes (i got addicted to RPM a few years ago) and also to spice up the training in the cold winter months. I thnk some weights would do me wonders but my coach doesn't agree. He feels that a windtrainer, keeping up the swimming and running are enough........

I know how bored i get in these months particularly as i live in a ski town and i dont realy ski much!! So to keep me interested in fitness im looking for new ways to keep at it!

1) what do you do in the cold months to 'keep at it'
2) any opinions of joining the gym?

happy training ;)