Friday, 25 November 2011


I wanted to write this down so i can come back to it and look at it when times are hard...I have of late started to doubt myself when it comes to racing, training etc. Getting down in the dumps about all the training im doing and then the results from the races not being what i wanted.

I had a revalation the other night that it all comes down to forever. I get to do this stuff...forever (hoping all my limbs stay in one place). Everyday i get to get up and run, bike, swim as much as i want and only ever get stronger, fitter, happier, faster FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.

This kind of made sense to me that the most imprtant thing in all of this is being happy. Enjoying getting outside and being healthy. This may be the horror of horrors for some but unless you discover the joy in all of this you will never be happy in your sport/ exercise / whatever makes your heart race.

It can be about times, pb's some of the time but the fact of it is I get to do this for a very long time!

I may be getting sentimental in my old age!

Sunday, 6 November 2011

race two

race two was well race two. I wanted to leave this post at that but wont. A 44k (actually 46k) womens only bike race. The night before there was snow on the ground and a cold day ahead but we hardened up and got out there.
I set off at a decent pace which i hoped to keep up all the way to the turnaround, i knew there would be a headwind on the way back so thought i may aswell keep it up now as im rubbish in windy weather. My first novice mistake was to get on the front of the bunch, 3rd group, and then work until the next woman came up and took her turn......which never happened. I stayed there moving for someone to come upfront and even grunted and saying 'hello anyone wanna take a turn' but it never happened.
Thus on the turn around i blew up. And the women blew on by. I couldnt stay up there and with the wind my speedo dropped and dropped.

Feeling pretty deflated i cheered my friend up to get her 1st place age group and sulked home. Feeling and wondering why i was training at all.

Looking back at the day gave me some good tips- i had a big week this week and tired legs are not true legs to race on, i blew up with my novice brain in a bike race (some good mistakes learn for next time), tomorrow is a new day on the bike.

I think i need to stop looking at what others are doing and their results and just listen to my body. Its the thin line between wanting PB's and aiming so high you end up always feeling deflated with results.

Lessons learnt!!

A great weekend of sport though and well done to all who got out there- pb's and not! :))

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Race 2

and this one will be a chilly one! 13 degrees sunny and cold forecast for saturday's womens only bike race in wanaka. Im slightly scared as it may be a fast-fest but im still on my do all the races you can and dont be scared by here's to Race 22k's of slight uphill and then turn around and do 22k's of slight downhill.

I am fearless!!