Tuesday, 29 March 2011

big swim!

Tonight will be my biggest swim yet - all 3.5k's of it. Small to some of you it may be but i look on it as a mental test as i know there will be a oint when i see 10x 150 fast i will want to get out of the pool!

So here it is for any of you that want it:

400 warm up (free styly and backstroke only)

(all these on 20 sec rest)
100 kick
4x25 sprint
100 kick
10x 150 fast (tumble turn at the black T not the wall)
5 x 200 (same as above but will pull)

300 cool down


see you in the pool!

Friday, 25 March 2011

running! For the love...

well its been a while since i blogged..i got bored (i tend to do that) and then couldnt think of anything to write but then here i am....
Started running again a couple of weeks ago and to be honest i was bored (oh look there it is again) i couldnt get into the groove, couldnt find the love UNTIL...birthday on wednesday and the sun was a shining. I had the day off and i thought which track do i love? sawpit gully it was then. A gorgeous track in Arrowtown which starts (depending which way you start it- i go left first) with a tough big uphill which weaves its way up up up and then flattens out a bit with another up up and then brings you out at the bottom of another hill (you can then go up that or continue downwards).
From there you go twisty turny over rivers, twisty turny down down down to a long straight flat which is great for whizzing home and getting some speed up.
And I LOVED IT! Took me the hour (which is usual) had me some new tunes on the ol' ipod and a great big grin on the face!
If you're ever in Arrowtown do it, it'll make you smile ;)