Friday, 25 November 2011


I wanted to write this down so i can come back to it and look at it when times are hard...I have of late started to doubt myself when it comes to racing, training etc. Getting down in the dumps about all the training im doing and then the results from the races not being what i wanted.

I had a revalation the other night that it all comes down to forever. I get to do this stuff...forever (hoping all my limbs stay in one place). Everyday i get to get up and run, bike, swim as much as i want and only ever get stronger, fitter, happier, faster FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE.

This kind of made sense to me that the most imprtant thing in all of this is being happy. Enjoying getting outside and being healthy. This may be the horror of horrors for some but unless you discover the joy in all of this you will never be happy in your sport/ exercise / whatever makes your heart race.

It can be about times, pb's some of the time but the fact of it is I get to do this for a very long time!

I may be getting sentimental in my old age!

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