Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The Haters

I had an interesting conversation with a friend the other day about "the haters', those people who think you're mad, bad, strange, awful, crazy, stupid when you talk about traiing, getting up at 5.30am and just going out on your bike all day long. I call them the haters.

I recently have had people make me feel bad (or try) about what i do, asking me questions about why i get up so early, why im training so much for one silly race why i put some much work in and the simple answer i -for the love.

I dont train just for races, i train because i get to spend time with my friends, my partner, meet new people. I get satfisfaction from runing up a hill and feeling sick and knowing im not ill, or unfit or sliding into becoming old and being unhealthy. I eat crap same as everyone else, im not a preacher but i just wish some people could see what i see....

To people who are just starting to find the love, or who are still hating on it stop pushing. Its the best piece of imformation my partner gave me when i met him. And its taken me TEN YEARS to work it out. I used to moan and groan when we went on a short run, huff and puff up a hilll on a beautiful sunday walk and he always said to me "jane stop pushing against it". Once you embrace this feeling its so much easier to just go with it.
Of course some days i dont feel like getting out of my bed or pulling on my trainers but they are now few and far between. A switch has been pressed for me and im so glad.

Im never going to feel bad again about this feeling, so dont try and make me

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