Tuesday, 4 January 2011

hurtbox, hurtlocker, the box,cave

whichever one you like to call it, im in it and going to be in it for the next week. Describing the pain of training, sport, exercise this lovely little world has us all in it once in our lives. And mine is at the moment.
With a race coming up in the next two weeks this week has my lovely coach giving me more biking than ive ever had to do in one week. ever. full stop.

Im hurting in places i didnt know hurt and also very tired(and its only tuesday).

 I love my bike dont get me wrong, but its these times when you have to dig deep and uncover the parts of yourself you didn't know, mentally and physically.

Underneath though i like it, it makes me feel alive, healthy, fit and discovering parts of me at 30+ i didnt know i had.

a nice way to start the new year. Try it and find something you didnt know you had....

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