Wednesday, 29 June 2011


Ive been having issues with my tummy for about a year- gurgling, 'popping' and more stuff i'll save you from.
Ive tried a food diary, looked at how my tummy reacts after certain food and no joy really. I first thought it was white cooked onions but then i'd have some in something (and i would only find out later) and nothing.
Then i had lunch at the weekend and i had to rush to the nearest loo...lunch consisted off:
tomato and leek soup
cheese toastie (with white onions but i took them out)
banana smoothie.

so this week im trying the no dairy lots of fibre attack as a work colleage mentioned it sounded like IBS (please no!) or dairy intollerance (again noooo i love cheese, cheese on pizza, milk smoothie's). Food diary too and a visit to the dr's.
we shall see.....

any hints/ tips would be helpful!!!


  1. I have been having similar problems and so far have linked it to certain types of bread. I don't think I am gluten intolerant as it didn't affect me when I ate Dad's homemade bread back in the UK. I can now eat about one slice of bread per week when I have my poached eggs on toast and that is about it! Don't know if that helps!!

  2. thanks Sarah, dr's were predictable- blood tests and the lovely 'sample'. we shall see!