Tuesday, 5 July 2011


I kinda like the brick session- im not sure why. Maybe because i can get two workouts done in one instead of "right what million things do i need to take out with me in the morning". Because its dark early and cold (and slightly icy) im doing this one from the garage and on the windtrainer. Theres a nice short sharp hill at the end of each run so makes for a nice little session.
Coachie has got me doing (incase you fancied it):
10min warm up on the bike
15m (bike) with hills (not steep but a nice gear)
off the bike onto the run 7m (with hills) Theres not too many places to run (except on the road) near my place so ive found if i run to the next street and along theres a nice hill at the end
Back to the bike for 90 sec rest and repeat x5.
10 min cool down on the bike.

Looks easy enough but apparently not so we'll see tonight!

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  1. the 'm' by the way is minutes not miles!
    Jane ;)