Monday, 1 August 2011

holiday time

Its been a good month for training...get some decent run mileage in and even making myself sit on a windtrainer is making for feeling fit and healthy!

I have recently left meat out of my diet and have discovered that the sore tummy has gone away!!! No sign for 3 weeks now yipeeee. We shall see what happens in the coming months.

Off back to the UK on thursday for 4 weeks and am slightly worried about the lack of cycling that is going to be happening. Cycling is my weakest discipline and when i finally feel like im getting some fitness in it will disappear with the lack of bikes and gyms that are around my parents place. Any hints/ tips for biking while away would be much appreciated!! (ie sitting on my mums with a basket will probably be the nearest thing to it ha ha)

I hope everyone's keeping warm over the winter months, i know how hard it is to keep motivated and not to be shovelling large quantities of cake down my neck at any given moment so keep at it!! The summer will be here before we know it (and the races eeek!)

Also i got these bad boys in for interval training/ running on the road. Now im not the first one to buy pink but im getting used to them and they're really comfy. The light weight is a joy when dragging my ass around  the track  running as fast as Paula Radcliffe and the colour keeps pink hating maniacs at bay. (which of course we dont have here in Queenstown, only posh people allowed in) ;)

Happy training!! ;)

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