Thursday, 14 July 2011


I read a quote the other day that really stuck with me. I read so many blogs sometimes it makes my eyes water. I then try not to read any for a while (its good for my mental health) but then i always get drawn back in. Training for any sport has its ups and its downs and body image is one of them. Being surrounded by blogs (particularly professional ones), we are inundated with images of petite ladies with muscles abundant that it enough to make you put down your chelsea bun (not quite) and run for the lettuce.
Fuelling up for this sport is one of the most important disciplines and as we all love to eat, Im not stopping anytime soon.
I have been around dieting since i was little but i read this and it really stuck with me, my body is amazing, my legs are amazing they may not be the best to look at but they keep me going when my head is staying stop and when my lungs are on the floor my quads shout "just a little bit more".
This is for you legs ;)

"when a person stops focusing on how the body looks and starts truly appreciating what it can do, the potential is endless. Theres no magic pill, no secret diet, no miracle, just you and what you're capable of doing.
And that, is more than enough"
(thanks to Susan Lacke)

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