Tuesday, 4 October 2011

back to back

After a hard long weekend of training i was scared to learn about my back to back run intervals on the programme. Is my coach mad, trying to kill me or just plain mean.
But no, his idea is to run up a mountain on smashed legs, then go up another mountain to really get to the top, thus having the legs to thrash a race because you've done it all in training.
Try it!

natural pace 40 mins
10 situps run fast 6 mins
10 push ups run fast 6 mins
10 sit ups
10 push ups
run fast 40 secs, 20 secs very slow x10
warm down easy 10 mins

warm up 25 mins steady
on grad/ steep hill approx 200 mts run up from bottom to the 200 mts hard out, very easy down x10

natural pace 15 mins

do hill set again x10
easy 15 mins

enjoy :-S

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