Wednesday, 19 October 2011


Race one is over and although it was a short duathlon 3k/20k/3k it was a good indication of where im at at the moment.
Freezing day which didnt really heat up, but it wasnt too windy out on the bike (although a nice tailwind on the way back).

Run started off fine and as usual my heart rate was through the roof. I dont train with HR as ive never been able to control it. My resting is normal 59 but can shoot up to 150/ 160 walking upstairs.....! So i usually work on RPE for most work outs.

I kept just behind some fast ladies and then onto the bike. It was an out and back with a bit of a headwind and always a slight uphill with some big climbs on the first 10k. I felt awful but just concentrated on keeping my legs spinning and not pushing too hard and trying to bring my breathing down.

I honestly thought id got lost as i saw noone on the lap...until near the turnaround when i finally saw the leaders. The turnaround was great as a tailwind greeted us and we could push home on the, now, slight downhill :)

The final 3k run was fine and i pushed the last 500 metres to the finishline.

Still lots of work to do on the bike though!!

(running with eyes closed is probably why i always get lost :)

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