Thursday, 1 December 2011

spread the scary!

I have a new concept- not to anyone else just to me...spread the scary! This season i am doing everything that scares me- rgroup rides, long swims, ocean swims, runs etc etc.

The first was a scary womens road bike race- freezing, fast and i survived

2) scary road group tuesday nights- fast and scary and with lots of blokes- i went i hurt i survived

3) entered 3.8k swim for challenge wanaka team- im swimming lots lets see if i survive January 21st

4) Tauranga half ironman- can do the distance but can i do it in the ocean with sea water lapping my face and a course i dont know? Scary yes? will i survive- yes!!

5) entering as many races as possible that scare the hell out me......TBC

Do as many things scary as you can this season- go on i dare you!! Spread the scary! :))

1 comment:

  1. Have lots of fun at Gore tomorrow :-) Go hard and go scary!!!