Thursday, 15 March 2012


Its funny, when im not ill and laying around the house i try and cram in a blog post but when i am ill i cant be bothered so here goes anyway!

Day 3 in the bedroom of the sick and i cant look at the three wall anymore. With all the stress of the last couple of weeks this cold and cough hit me HARD and whammo i was down for 3 days of coughing cold and sneezing. Went for a short walk yesterday as the weather has been beautiful- warm, calm and perfect for riding. Shame im stuck in here. A 20 minute walk had me gasping for breath so back to bed it was......

Anyhoo with the thought of a boring afternoon ahead a friend of mine asked if i fancied entering the christchurch half marathon. The chance to do a distance i usually only do in half ironmans and really train for it so bang! there was my motivation. Next minute im booked in and have written a 10 week programme to get my teeth into. Still with a bit of swimming and biking in the mix (i have got a new mtn bike after all) and im fixed. A happy girl i am now if i could just shake this cold!

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