Thursday, 5 April 2012


I have been recently adding a long usually hilly run to my weekly schedule and its been lovely. Puffing and panting (with lots of walking) has been great and ive definately felt the effects at my intervals earlier in the week- ie not as much heavy breathing as my lungs are getting used to breathing hard!

There are so many trails in Queenstown and Wanaka that sometimes you forget and just do the same old same old.

If you ever get the chance to come here, here are a few. Give me a call and we can go together!

Miners trail:
Arrowtown. 15k's of up, up, up, flat, up , up , up then a nice down hill to finish :)

Fernhill loop/ one mile loop
Again up up up and then some zoooom down hill for the finish

Sawpit gully and New chums
Probably around 15-16k's of up, down, through beautiful (at the moment) golden trees with noone around

Twelve mile/ Sam Summers loop
Not sure how long but undulating twelve mile (that always makes me feel like im in OZ) with a nice steep uphill to Sam summers hut and big downhill to finish

Moke lake
6k's of peaceful lovelyness..some slight up some slight down finish with a dip in the lake

Lakes Hayes
8k nice loop for a quicky after work

Queenstown Hill
Lung burning uphills and go past the basket of dreams right to the real top fast downhill to finish with glorious views of all Queenstown :)

Jacks Point/ Kelvin Heights
undulating with amazing views of the bluey green lake (that you get that side of Queenstown) with a quick run down to the beach where you can often see deer

Happy running :)

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  1. these are just Queenstown, Wanaka has its own delights :)