Thursday, 4 October 2012

getting there

I havent written a post for ages! And asi look back over my training log i can see why- injury, colds, seized up backs, colds, colds, house moving, relationship blah.......

So I went and booked in to do Lake Wanaka Half Ironman.  I thought why not, it's not as though I have a full time job, full time study going on (doh) why not stick a half in there aswell. my theory is that I get to keep up the training, see friends and then decide later on if I want to do it. At least I have my spot.

Training has been a stop-start affair with an aggrevated ITB injury that i'm working on and then so many colds. I've finally booked a holiday to hot Sydney and I'll at least get some runs and some outdoor swims in as theres so many pools out there.

As the spring finally unfolds and the clocks have gone forward we can have some light late nights to get some work done and getting up in the morning is FINALLY getting easier!

My coach has been giving me some good workouts that aren't too scary and so the weeks have been looking like - 3 swims, still trying to do one RPM class (2 if I cant get outside- it still snows here in Queenstown in spring!), 2 runs (depending on the knee) and a long bike ride of 2-3 hours at the weekend. Its good and with an added 2 strength workouts too I'll see how i go....................

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  1. Yay, yay, yay to training again. Sounds like you are sucking it up big time. My theory for Wanaka again is just to go and have fun with a big big smile :-)