Monday, 28 May 2012


So i'm training up a storm for the Christchurch half Marathon. Everything is going swimmingly (well there were little niggles but being the same as most people i ignore them) and then boom! Painful as painful ITB. Stopped me running, mid run, which is something that doesnt happen.
I get niggles yeah but not ones that stop me running. :(

Two weeks on and its still painful and so no annoyed but not as annoyed as i usually get as i think i cant do anything about it, its not something my annoyance is going to change. I have to rest it, massage it with the golf ball (ohhhhh the most excrutiatingly painful thing in the unisverse- think hot needle poking) and massage...and that my friends is it.

My physio and i worked out that 5 years ago my lovely partner drove the car (accidently) over my foot. It didnt hurt i strapped it for while and left it...but through those 5 years the muscles and joints and bones have become tight and made me run funny causing at first shin splint-like pain and now ITB massage and rolling and stretching is the only thing i can do. And be patient.

Happily the swimming has come back and im back in the pool 4x a week! Short distances are the way to go as its not stressful and i get out when i get bored-- usually around the 1.5k mark.

So there it is,....hopefully the pain will subside and i can start running again.

Sorry Christchurch you are not mine to conquer!


  1. Just pondering - have you tried acupuncture? It doesn't work for everyone, but works for me breaking the pain cycle so I stop holding myself funnily (if that makes sense). Then rehab is easier in a normal posture.

  2. Oh, PS - come do Dunedin Half marathon instead - tis flat, along the harbour (not closed road sadly), but fun.