Friday, 30 December 2011

nearly there

the time has nearly come to board that big bird in the sky, smile sweetly to the airline staff (to get my bike on board) and go to the north island for the race. Its been a long time coming this bloody race...after cancelling my half ironman last year due to old lady lower back pain i have worked hard to get it right and to be ready to race!!

After reading endless blogs, the amount people race in the US of A is unbelievable. So much. We over here seem to pick one race for the season (as our summer is about as long as my attention span) and then fill it up with other little races. I am talking about people doing 3 ironmans and 5 halfs over a season. Holy moly....

anyhoo im ready to go race and after an endless beauty of sunshiny days here in the south it seems that Tauranga is being hit by some shittingly awful not getting into the obsession of constantly checking the weather (well maybe once or twice an hour) but it will be what it will be.

We are supposed to be rewarded after the hours and hours we all put into this lovely sport by THE RACE and race i will. But i'll also be smiling from ear to ear to know i CAN race, i CAN swim bike run and I WILL be doing this for a long time (or until the old lady back screams for me to stop).

Give it hell ladies and gentleman i know i will :)

I am so sick of these......

But love getting presents like these :)

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