Monday, 12 December 2011

southland summer tri (sprint distance)

My friend and I travelled to Gore (2 hr drive) to participate in the sprint (me) and duathlon for her. Quite a small field but as there were points available for the nationals there were some big guns. There were many distances including a 1/3 ironman, sprint, 10k, duathlon.
It was stinking hot on the drive down so we knew it would be hot day _suncream at the ready!
I was feeling good and rested so wanted to see how i was feeling with 4 weeks to the half ironman.

750m in a pond, and i mean pond. There was mud and grasses touching your hands as you swam. As 750 is not my distance i got left behind by the fast swimmers and thus had no feet to hang onto! No time recorded (and the gun went off before i could set my watch!)

short run up to transition and onto the bike

20k of two laps with quite a large hill (with false top) and then a speedy down hill and slight headwind- felt great, tried to stay in big ring and aero as much as i could but the legs felt good and heart wasn't pounding (apart from getting on after the swim)

one lap along the road into a farmers field, starting with a big hill. I tried to keep the cadence high and keep moving the whole way. The sun was high and hot now so everyone was panting. I felt awesome on the run and managed a 25 minute run. (which is what i get for a run only 5k race so i was pleased!)

I beat my sprint time (ok on a different course) by 8 mins ending with a 1.23 pb for me and a smiley face at the end.

I loved it and managed to get some speed in the legs on the run and feel good. I could have probably gone harder on the run but am still slightly scared of blowing up!
A great day out! :)

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