Tuesday, 8 May 2012

autumn/ winter

brrrr the leaves are a changing, its beautiful everywhere- golds, yellows, reds and browns are the colours of the day and its been so mild and sunny for about 4 weeks, lucky us!
This week tho it really feels like something's changing- ice on the windscreen, hats on for runs after work and once the sun goes down over the hill its a rush to get home and get warm! Which always makes for difficult training and motivation. I have started running in the morning which im finding strangely lovely- quiet, cold, dark and getting her done so i can forget about it for the rest of the day :)
Im flying to chirsitchurch in 4 weeks for the half marathon and so running has become my drug of choice and im loving it! Running is so free, so easy and so lovely around here that training has not felt like a hassle at all!
Roll on the race......

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