Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Winter Blues

Its the same every year. I get all motivated before winter about what im going to do; set up windtrainer, get all stuff organised for swimming and the gym, get gym timetable blah blah and then the snow comes......I have a real fear of driving in the snow as a few years ago a friend and i came off the ski road and rolled down it (in the car). Since then ive had a fear of rolling and wont drive anywhere if theres a sprinkling  lot of snow on the ground. I get really annoyed when i cant get out on the bike for long rides (i havent got a mtn bike) and basically turn into a real whinging pom.
I emailed my coach and he basically (and intelligently) informed me that the rest of the country is in the same state, suck it up and just do what I can.
Wise words Coach.

So thats what i'll be doing, trying my best and getting out of it what i can. If any of you have any sessions that make the windtrainer more interesting bring em!! Or even better, come round for a session in the garage- this is the view!!

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