Wednesday, 6 July 2011

swim time trials

Coach has me doing a time trial every now and again. Ive done two in feb, one in march and one in june:

warm up then:
800m timed
200m timed
100m timed.

Feb 11th         Feb 21st             March                 June
15.10              14.56                  15.50 (!?)           14.50 (woo!)
3.48                 3.42                     3.45                    3.47
1.52                 1.51                    1.51                     1.50

Feedback was:
On my calculation your current 1500 mts swim time in a wet suit race allowing for, currents , buoy turns , getting a draft or not, swim course can be either short / long or spot on 1500 mts I would be predicting a time of 28 minutes 15 secs.

For a 2 km Half Ironman sea swim in a wet suit my predicted time 36 mins 45 secs .

This Time Trial set is a non stop lactate - threshold test set and not as easy as it looks especially when you havent had a rest day or tapered for it.

 My belief is to do a TT set like this " under duress " first time up, then do a taper for it next time.

Keep up the good work and next time we will see times drop by a good 45 secs for 1500 and 60 secs for 2 km


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